The UCC Connection

At the request of several reader’s, I am posting an excerpt from a larger document by Howard Freeman called “The UCC Connection” with lots of great information in it. The section I have posted here deals with different types of law, Universal Commercial Code, and the reservation of those rights. After I read Mr. Freeman’s article, I created a small card to remind me exactly why I reserve my rights under UCC 1-308 (NOTE: UCC 1-207 was repealed in 2004 and is now replaced with UCC section 1-308), and carry it in my wallet so it is always handy. Here it is in a PDF file. ucc1308.pdf

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Operation Northwoods

Recently a reader sent me an email PDF attachment of a declassified government document (Operation Northwoods). He had been listening to a local radio show and the documents were being discussed and read on the air. What caught his and attention and mine is the section that talks about “a drone being painted to look like a real civilian aircraft charter and being substituted at the last minute, then blown up with a radio signal”. The following article or entry is directly taken from Wikipedia , there was more information here than I thought there would be, and plenty of links to sources. While I may not be fully convinced of the authenticity, to me the whole concept is believable and in today?s federal government, plausible. There are links to the document at the bottom along with sources. (Thanks to OldSoreHead for the contribution)< Continue reading

Soft drinks, high-fructose corn syrup, and obesity

This story from is not only a prime example of just how easily the American public willingly accepts whatever ‘federal agency approved’ product is put in front of them without question, but a clear indicator that the FDA and corporate interests favor cost effective chemicals to the detriment of the very consumer they are targeting. Reading this article should make you question any ‘agency approved’ drug or additive, including anything genetically altered!

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U.S. Says Terrorists May Pose As Vagrants

Terrorist vagrants? Unfortunately society’s least desirables, vagrants, would be a likely candidate for the first wave of true citizen detainees. It seems all too plausible that city-wide ‘vagrant-threat” raids could be a reality throughout the country. More disturbing might be the fact that the American public would fall right into line when the Department of Homeland Security annouced, “Not ALL vagrants are terrorists, however we must take precautions for the safety of all citizens, regardless of whether they are found to be a terrorist, it is for the good of everyone to have them off the streets of all hard working American neighborhoods!”

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The Real Story About the CAFTA Vote

The following article is by by Kent Snyder of The Liberty Committee. It was written shortly after the Congressional vote on CAFTA in the early morning hours of July 28, 2005. Unfortunately it tells the sad tale of how the vote was reversed in a blatant ‘win at any cost’ while disregarding House Rules on voting, through intimidation, greed, and even special meetings with the President himself. Apparently, the Constitution has no bearing on our current form of government–thereby nullifying all who take the Oath of Office!

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Americans Surrendering Liberties: Shades of German History

The following article by Pastor Chuck Baldwin is from, one of the many sites I read during the course of the week. If this article doesn’t wake you up to some degree, then only the police knocking at your door will asking you for your ‘papers’. (Probably in the form of the national ID card!). Take the time to read this informative article, and read more at .

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