Surveillance is Likely to Become the New Normal

“2005 will be remembered as the year in which mass surveillance became normal, even popular.” Now that is a frightful thought, but we see it all around us. What will 2006 bring? “Some say that these new government actions are taking us closer to “1984.” But, in fact, the key year was 1651. That’s when […]

Domestic Surveillance and the Patriot Act

If there is any one member of Congress to pay attention to in the District of Columbia, surely it is Congressman Dr. Ron Paul of Texas. Mr. Paul is a staunch advocate of limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to a sound monetary policy based on commodity-backed currency. Fortunately for all […]

Heil Hitler! It Has Begun

Devvy Kidd is a contributing writer for and always has something to say that most of us can stand to hear. In light of recent events in Miami, and the ID refusing Deborah Davis and the growing militarization of the police–this article should bring one’s current level of just how dire a situation we […]

Owners of the Prison Systems in America

This text was sent to me as an email from a newslist I belong to. Now mind you I do not take every newslist item I am sent and take it as truth–however after reading this and then following through with some web sleuthing I am convinced this may very well be happening. The original […]

Court Trip Next Stop for Bus Rider

This new story from the Denver Post should alert you to the future of living in Amerika. Unfortunatley there are many who will read it and say, “..if she has nothing to hide so she should just show her ID!” and then blame her for being stubborn and a troublemaker. This is exactly how you […]

Hate Crime Laws and the Path to Tyranny

Hate-crime laws should be abolished. I truly believe that to injure another is wrong–when there is an injured party a crime has been committed–and all persons who commit crimes should be punished. However, to punish based on one’s motivation is nothing more than punishing the motivation and not the crime. What kind of a message […]

The Hypnotized Masses

There are those who believe that the fight for liberty is exclusively a man?s fight. That is not true. Lee Parker is dedicated to truth and freedom, a patriotic woman who has given the last dozen years of her life to efforts to expose lies and reveal truths concerning the unalienable rights to life, liberty […]

Treasury Department Claims Power to Seize Gold, Silver–and Everything Else!

The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) recently was sent a reply from the Treasury Department in response to a request they sent hoping for clarification of the federal position on precious metal prohibition. I probably should not be dismayed by this type of news, however I still was shocked at reading this quote in the […]

American Life Under a National ID Card

Tom DeWeese is the publisher/editor of The DeWeese Report and president of the American Policy Center, a grassroots, activist think tank headquartered in Warrenton, Virginia. Its Internet site is When I read his article I found myself nodding my head in agreement . Once the REAL ID is in place, it will only be […]

Please Protect Your Children From Teen Screen

I have been reading about ‘Teen Screen’ for a couple months now. After reading Ron Paul’s commentary about the program, I became alarmed at this policy that seems to be sliding right into place, having pilot programs already in several states. The only winner in this seems to be big pharmaceuticals. The following post is […]

The Unconstitutional FEMA

This commentary by Sheila Samples was originally posted on, I found it to be sobering in several aspects. Probably the most important for me was the reminder that the government machine has no real need or care for what ‘party’ is in office, nor does it pay any attention to the constitution. While the […]

How about that Pentagon plan for martial law?

This article comes from Jerry Mazza at Although the Online Journal has varied points of view on a multitude subjects, I thought this story hit the ‘spot’ on too much federal and state control. It is especially appropriate after the declaration of Martial Law in New Orleans, which was implemented all too easy. Are […]

Devolutionary Period

This excerpt from “Encyclopedia of Advanced American Civics”, © 2003, by David R. Deschesne, is a great primer for the current state of affairs here in America. Although it is long, it discusses many of the things you might see around on other patriotic websites and explains them well, referencing it in a timeline to […]

U.S. Says Terrorists May Pose As Vagrants

Terrorist vagrants? Unfortunately society’s least desirables, vagrants, would be a likely candidate for the first wave of true citizen detainees. It seems all too plausible that city-wide ‘vagrant-threat” raids could be a reality throughout the country. More disturbing might be the fact that the American public would fall right into line when the Department of […]

Americans Surrendering Liberties: Shades of German History

The following article by Pastor Chuck Baldwin is from, one of the many sites I read during the course of the week. If this article doesn’t wake you up to some degree, then only the police knocking at your door will asking you for your ‘papers’. (Probably in the form of the national ID […]