Neturei Karta: Judaism and Zionism ARE NOT The Same

There seems to always be a lot of confusion about Judaism, who are the Jews, Israel, and Zionism. I felt I should go directly to the source of the matter so this excerpt is directly from the website of one of the more vocal groups of Torah following Jews. I urge you to read this and look at thier website for more information, or simply do a Google search for “Jews against Zionism”–you may find the veil a bit more lifted once investigate this and see that this is the MAJORITY belief of orthodox jews. Check out this recent Fox News interview with an anti-zionist Rabbi Yisroel Weiss.

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President Ahmadinejad’s Message to American People

IRNA – Islamic Republic News Agency
Tehran, Nov 29, IRNA
Ahmadinejad-US Nation-Message

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

“O, Almighty God, bestow upon humanity the perfect human being promised to all by You, and make us among his followers.”

Noble Americans!

Were we not faced with the activities of the US administration in this part of the world and the negative ramifications of those activities on the daily lives of our peoples, coupled with the many wars and calamities caused by the US administration as well as the tragic consequences of US interference in other countries; Were the American people not God-fearing, truth-loving, and justice-seeking, while the US administration actively conceals the truth and impedes any objective portrayal of current realities; And if we did not share a common responsibility to promote and protect freedom and human dignity and integrity;

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Qana: Exterminating the Ants

“…In order to understand the racist brutality of the latest Qana massacre, it is instrumental to look at the previous Qana massacre. James Bovard writes: “When you see the photos of corpses of young children being dragged from the Qana rubble, remember: These are not human beings. These are terrorists. And Israel announced ahead of time that, because they were in south Lebanon, they were legitimate targets,” as Haim Ramon made sure to inform us…”

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Iran Zonar: “Real Sign of a Disinformation Operation”

“…Juan Cole, president of the U.S. Middle East Studies Association and thorn in the side of neocons far and wide, has nailed it—the fake news story circulated last week accusing Iran of forcing Jews and other religious minorities to wear identifying badges, thus kindling imagery of Nazis and the Holocaust, was “typical of black psychological operations campaigns.” A former U.S. intelligence official, cited by journalist Jim Lobe, “described the article’s relatively obscure provenance as a ‘real sign of [a] disinformation operation,’” in fact a fairly transparent and crude “disinformation operation,” as I noted on the day the article appeared with disgusting fanfare in the corporate media. Naturally, the neocon press, most notably the New York Sun, refused to publish a retraction after it was demonstrated, without much effort, the story was gibberish (although it did mention the Iranian Embassy in Ottawa denied the report). As Lobe reminds us, the New York Sun “has consistently taken positions consistent with the right-wing Likud Party in Israel on Middle East issues.”…”

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