Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!

Patrick Henry (May 29, 1736 ? June 6, 1799) was a prominent figure in the American Revolution, known and remembered primarily for his stirring oratory. Along with Samuel Adams and Thomas Paine, he was one of the most influential (and radical) advocates of revolution. Henry is perhaps best known for the speech he made in […]

Get a Used Car, Rent a House, and Buy Gold

Originally posted on, this article by Bill Bonner is a super one to share with anyone who thinks what they see and hear in the media about the U.S. economy growing and unemployment declining is the truth. On the contrary, although it is hard to hear and the truth hurts, this country is going […]

Sorry, Mr. Franklin, We’re All Democrats Now?

Congressman Ron Paul of Texas is a staunch advocate of limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to a sound monetary policy based on commodity-backed currency. Fortunately for all of us whether a resident of the 14th district in Texas or not, Congressman Paul fights everyday for true American liberty. After reading […]

To Fight or Die

Brent Johnson is currently director of Freedom Bound International , a Common Law service center specializing in educating Americans as to their natural rights. In addition to hosting the hit international radio show The Voice of Freedom – heard by over eight million listeners each week – and having authored the book The American Sovereign […]

The Unconstitutional FEMA

This commentary by Sheila Samples was originally posted on, I found it to be sobering in several aspects. Probably the most important for me was the reminder that the government machine has no real need or care for what ‘party’ is in office, nor does it pay any attention to the constitution. While the […]

Being Prepared For an Emergency

The recent hurricane disaster shows that being prepared for an emergency can make the all difference. Although I am in the process myself of gathering all the things I think our family will need, I thought it would be a good thing to post information about what one can do to be ‘prepared’. The following […]

Reserved Powers

This story by Jacob G. Hornberger as posted on Lew Rockwell is a great primer on ‘state’s rights’ and what they are as opposed to ‘federalism’, and the seemingly silent but deadly overthrow of our constitutional republic in the 1930’s. I must agree that “…The federal judiciary simply ignores the clause in the Fourteenth Amendment […]

The Utility Electricity Scam of the Decade

Following essay was originally sent as an email newsletter by a reader, “Wisdom”, who issues a regular email alert called “Energy Liberty eMail”. While many of us have noticed the alarming increase in electricity rates, few have gone to the extent that Bill has in research and study, and actual implementation of alternate energy […]

Why make your own fuel? Because you can!

A reader who has a blog of his own, The Outhouse Times had a great link to a site called “Make Your Own Fuel” originally made by Robert Warren. The is an excellent site in providing facts and information about ethanol and includes a modest $30.00 plan for the distilling apparatus to produce your very […]

The Planet of The Apes

…It is very clever to know the truth. It is very foolish to tell the truth in public. That man has a dark side is easily admitted. That you or I have one, I?m afraid, is unwelcome news. And this is the very ground of politics ? including today?s pretense of independent thought…

How about that Pentagon plan for martial law?

This article comes from Jerry Mazza at Although the Online Journal has varied points of view on a multitude subjects, I thought this story hit the ‘spot’ on too much federal and state control. It is especially appropriate after the declaration of Martial Law in New Orleans, which was implemented all too easy. Are […]

A Modest Proposal For A New Industrial Policy

A great article by by Pete Hendrickson (Lost Horizons) about our current education system and jusy how crazy it is. He sites some interesting information that should make you think twice about the federal system and more about home schooling.

Should Democratic Party Merge with Communist Party?

To some this commentary by Devvy Kidd might seem extreme, however she makes some great points which beg the reader to stop and think. In today’s political madness anything that makes one stop to actually think about what their views are as opposed to just going along with the mainstream. Read it and think about […]

Devolutionary Period

This excerpt from “Encyclopedia of Advanced American Civics”, © 2003, by David R. Deschesne, is a great primer for the current state of affairs here in America. Although it is long, it discusses many of the things you might see around on other patriotic websites and explains them well, referencing it in a timeline to […]

Down With Democracy!

The following is a great article by Lady Liberty and for those of you who are interested in some Constitutional talk…many she says it best when she says “Representative democracy is when the flock elects a wolf to decide what’s for dinner.”

Hey, Big Spender

If there is any one member of Congress to pay attention to in the District of Columbia, surely it is Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. Mr. Paul is a staunch advocate of limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to a sound monetary policy based on commodity-backed currency. Fortunately for all of […]

Registration vs. Recording

This little anonymous article contains some eye-opening information that exists in many places throughout the web. I felt it was fairly clear, short, and to the point–therefore worthy of a post. Enjoy!

Transportation bill: More financial bondage

I have been reading Devvy Kidd?s articles for many months now. Her commentaries are to the point and and never shy. The following is reposted from and is the most recent of her regular writings.

The UCC Connection

At the request of several reader’s, I am posting an excerpt from a larger document by Howard Freeman called “The UCC Connection” with lots of great information in it. The section I have posted here deals with different types of law, Universal Commercial Code, and the reservation of those rights. After I read Mr. Freeman’s […]

Operation Northwoods

Recently a reader sent me an email PDF attachment of a declassified government document (Operation Northwoods). He had been listening to a local radio show and the documents were being discussed and read on the air. What caught his and attention and mine is the section that talks about “a drone being painted to look […]