A Necessary Evil…?

Brent Johnson is currently director of Freedom Bound International , a Common Law service center specializing in educating Americans as to their natural rights. In addition to hosting the hit international radio show The Voice of Freedom – heard by over eight million listeners each week – and having authored the book The American Sovereign – How to Live Free From Government Regulation, Brent conducts seminars throughout America, on issues around sovereignty, social security, IRS and the income tax, Common Law trusts , dual citizenship, Second Amendment, the court system, right to travel, jury rights, property taxes, the Federal Reserve System, self-sufficiency, the coming economic collapse and more.

A special thanks to Brent for letting me post his commentaries on this blog. Brent is a true Patriot and advocate for the Constitutional Republic that should be America.

By Brent Johnson, director of Freedom Bound International,
October 17, 2005

Thomas Paine is considered by those who have studied the history of the united States of America to be the true father of the principles on which our great Union was founded. It is from his words, his expressions, and the concepts he so eloquently conveyed, that our Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Constitution and Bill of Rights evolved.

Of government, Thomas Paine said that at its very best, when government is doing everything right and nothing wrong, it is a necessary evil.

Do you understand what he said? Do you understand what he meant?

Government ? on any level ? is evil. Remember this one thing. Never forget it. No matter what you may think, the nature of government is evil.

The reason I am spending so much space emphasizing and re-emphasizing this point is that as a society, we have forgotten this fundamental truth, to our extreme detriment. Americans have forgotten or worse, never even learned that government is inherently evil. Rather, most Americans have been taught, and as a result believe, that government is their friend. Nothing could be more untrue.

Americans think of the government as an ally, so they fail to effectively address the excesses of that same government. Government encroachments on the natural rights of the American people occur daily, reprehensible violations of Citizens? rights to life, liberty, and property.

Yet, most people are unwilling to do anything but justify by silence and inaction, these criminal acts by government officials. Most people would rather go on believing that government abuse is anomalous, an exception rather than the rule, because to do otherwise would force those same people to sit up and take notice. Heaven forbid! If Americans were ever to take notice of illegal acts by government officials, then they would subsequently be compelled to accept responsibility for fixing the problem; something most people are simply unwilling to do.

The United States government is inherently evil. All governments are inherently evil. This is because the nature of government is to exert control over its citizenry, always in the name of order. Such controls fly in the face of the individual liberties endemic to any free society, and especially the uSA.

The united States of America was founded on the principle that there are higher laws than the laws of the State, and that the State is required to obey those higher laws, or else the people have the right and duty to overthrow the State and replace it with a government that will obey those same higher laws.

Since government always looks to control people in the name of maintaining order, it should be obvious to those who are willing to see that left unchecked, any government will oppress, abuse, and violate the natural rights of the people it was established to protect. It is the nature of government.

There is a story about a scorpion and a turtle. The scorpion approaches the turtle to ask for a ride across a lake. The turtle refuses because he does not want to be stung by the scorpion. The scorpion explains that if he stings the turtle, then he too will die; he tells the turtle that he won?t sting him. The turtle considers the matter, then agrees to carry the scorpion across the lake.

Midway to the other side, the scorpion stings the turtle. As the poison courses through the doomed turtle?s body, he turns to the scorpion and asks why he stung him, because now they will both die.

The scorpion replies, ?It?s my nature.?

The nature of government is to oppress and control. This is why we have constitutions in our system of government; to chain down the beast that is government.

State and federal constitutions are designed for the same basic purpose; to limit the power of government so that the people can enjoy their natural rights, which were granted them by a source greater than any government! No lawful application of any constitution ever imposes limits on the people, but rather only on the government, because even at its best, government is a necessary evil.

But is it really necessary?

Can you think of one single instance of a government official, agent or representative keeping any promise (except one to increase taxes or regulations)? Remember the social security card? ?It will never be used for identification? we promise.? Or how about Bill Clinton?s promise that if we authorized sending American soldiers to Bosnia, they would be back in twelve months. He promised. Nevertheless, American soldiers are still in Bosnia today. Then there are the ongoing lies and misrepresentations being promoted by the current Bush regime in order to justify the imposition of draconian and oppressive controls on the American people.

I can only conclude that those people whom you and I have allowed to run our government for us? are liars.

When a judge disallows evidence or dismisses a juror or issues a ruling in violation of fundamental law, then that judge has usurped authority; yet, judges do this every day. Usurpation is the lawful justification for an armed revolution, because when a government official ? a public servant ? openly declares that he will not obey the law he is sworn to uphold, then no legal remedy exists; the individual(s) involved are thereafter duty-bound to take the law into their own hands and correct the injustice, forcibly and even violently, when necessary. At these times, the individual Citizen is challenged to choose between the laws of the State (i.e. government) and the laws of the higher power, the Creator.

Recently, a police officer shot a young man in the back. He murdered that young man. There were a few days of riots, then nothing more. Why don?t a large number of angry people take the matter ? and the murdering cop ? into their own hands and execute justice? It really is the American way. At least it is when the government fails and refuses to exact justice on its own people.

?He has protected them, by a mock trial, from any murders which they have committed on the inhabitants of these states.??Declaration of Independence (1776)

Currently, the United Nations flag flies over the Gainesville, Florida City Hall building. The U.N. is a communist-run, non-government organization dedicated to destroying natural rights, individual liberty, and national sovereignty. When the abomination that is the U.N. flag was placed on top of the Gainesville City Hall, it was brought there by armed soldiers. Would this happen in a truly free country? This clearly shows the evil nature of government.

What amazes me is that since the illegal placement of this abomination, not one person has scaled the City Hall building to remove the U.N. flag. Not one! I am ashamed of you all. Especially those of you who live in Florida.

So what if you get arrested for destroying the U.N. flag? So what? It would only call attention to what you had done, which is a good thing. The day after they replace the socialist flag on the City Hall building, two more patriotic Americans would show up and rip it down again. If they?re arrested, that?s okay, too, because four more would then show up and tear it down. Let?s fill the jails with people tearing down the U.N. flag from Gainesville City Hall. What a statement that would make!

An 82-year old woman had her 150,000 dollar home stolen from her by unscrupulous government officials. An eighteen-year old girl was unlawfully incarcerated for not agreeing to subject herself to government control. A 74-year old woman was threatened with arrest for refusing to install a garbage disposal in her home. These incidents are the rule, not the exception, because the nature of government is evil.

Government agents are spraying poison into our atmosphere, compelling those who will obey to accept poison in their drinking water, and destroying good food sources to further starve the population. They do this because the nature of government is evil.

Federal Bureau of Prisons statistics show that over 75% of the current prison population are incarcerated for so-called ?victimless crimes?. But without a victim there can be no crime. So 1.5 million Americans are forcibly and illegally being kept from their God-given right to liberty, because the nature of government is evil; and what are you doing to correct this situation? Oh I know, you don?t have the time to get involved because you are working so hard to make enough money to support your family in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed, and you wouldn?t want to do anything that might upset that lifestyle, right?!

It seems as if the American spirit of Truth and Freedom and Justice has been abandoned by a society more interested in making money and having things than doing what is right. Further, the American people do not want to earn what they have; they?d rather mortgage the future in exchange for letting the government arrange for their comfort and lifestyle now.

By accepting largesse from an evil source, you support evil. By paying taxes to an evil government, you encourage and support the evil that government perpetrates on your fellow Americans every day. This is more than just a philosophical statement; it is a Truth that you cannot escape or avoid.

Many of you say you don?t like the way government violates the rights of your neighbors, but you stop short of actually doing something to stop the violations. You complain about police brutality, unlawful searches and seizures and illegal arrests, but when was the last time you walked up to a police officer and threatened him if he did not stop what he was doing? Do you even know anyone who has ever done such a thing? Why not? What would it take for you to forcibly resist government control?

There is only one reason why you continue to fail and refuse to take corrective action against your evil government servants. You are afraid. Hey, we are all afraid. But when fear rules your life you become totally impotent. You become incapable of doing anything because you are terrified of what might happen to you.

You know, fear is really an illusion. Whatever you fear has not actually occurred. Your fear is anticipatory. If what you fear does occur, then you deal with it as best you can but you do not fear it then, because all of your resources are out of necessity devoted to surviving your ordeal. It?s almost funny when you think about it. Almost.

What do you really fear? Is it fear of losing that which you have gained? Are you lying when you claim to Believe in a Higher Power? If so, why would you lie? If not, then why do you hesitate to do what you know is Right and True, even if it costs you all earthly things?

To choose the government?s so-called laws is to abandon the Laws of your Creator. To choose the Creator?s laws means you must forcibly resist government usurpation. There is no gray area, no in-between, no wishy-washy choice available to you.

The nature of government is evil. If you stand up and resist the evil that is government, some of you will die, some of you will lose your property, some of you will be incarcerated, and most of you will be persecuted. That?s the environment in which we all live. That?s what evil does. That?s what evil is.

I only pray that enough of you possess the Faith and Conviction to stand true to His Laws and to restore our great country to its glory.

If you are to live truly free, you must determine that fear will not rule you. You must be greater than your fear. If you die for taking a stand, then you lived for something and will join your Creator in Heaven and be lauded as a Being of Principle. If you are put in jail for taking a stand for freedom, you join people like Peter, Paul, and of course Yahushua Himself.

If you are to have any chance of living free, of leaving your children with a country – and that a free country – then you must take a stand against government evil. You must stop paying to support an unholy, ungodly government. You must take your children out of public schools today! You must quit your government job and give up those government benefits (social security, Medicare, etc.).

You must do these things if we are ever to reclaim our country as the Land of the Free. You must show courage, or we have no right to call ourselves the Home of the Brave, because unless you take a stand against government evil, then we are not Brave.

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