AmeriTrust Treasurer Verifies Docs Behind $4.5 Trillion Wanta Deal

…U.S. officials remain silent as church mice over financial deal exposing Illuminati banksters and officials within government silently trying to destroy America….

By Greg Szymanski
As posted at Arctic Beacon

Michael C. Cottrell, treasurer of the AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., verified all previous statements made by former Ambassador Leo Wanta concerning the $4.5 trillion dollar settlement earmarked for the American people and being illegally withheld in a Bank of America account in Richmond, Va., by President George W. Bush and the Federal Reserve Board.
“There’s no going back on the deal now. The money for the American people is in a Bank of America account,” said Cottrell in an extended telephone conversation with the Arctic Beacon Wednesday. “I know the U.S. Treasury is working on getting the money released as the banks are getting nervous. But I don’t think it will happen until July 31.”
Cottrell, a savvy financial whiz and true patriot, will appear today on Greg Szymanski’s radio show, The Investigative Journal, detailing the particulars of the delicate financial arrangement that could revitalize the American economy, as well as exposing and perhaps ending the corrupt reign of Illuminati banksters who have stolen trillions from the American people.
Cottrell also stands ready with documents in hand to verify the settlement between Wanta/AmeriTrust and with law firms from New York and Georgia representing official U.S and financial interests entered into on June 12.
He also stands ready to provide documentation of the bank transfers from overseas accounts to the Bank of America account in Richmond made during May and June, deposits totaling $4.5 trillion dollars.
The basics of the deal have been previously outlined in the Arctic Beacon but remain as follows:
The agreement provides for the prepayment of taxes to the U.S. Treasury, at a rate of 35% of the $4.5 trillion, equating to $1,575 trillion, together with prepayment of taxation to the State of Virginia at 6%, amounting to some $270 billion.
In addition, Wanta through his AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., has put financial mechanisms in place for the further generation of corporation tax deposits payable to the U.S. Treasury
Department/Internal Revenue Service of about $96 billion per banking day.
Because of financing transactions which will consequently be carried out by other U.S. financial institutions, estimated total windfall accruals to the U.S. Treasury are likely to exceed $200 billion per banking day, from the moment of start-up. This is now running nearly three months late. Finally, Wanta has given U.S. authorities until the close of business on Monday, July 31, to release the funds.
Cottrell has been working with Wanta for more than two years to recover a vast sum of money diverted by the Bush and Clinton crime families, money estimated at more than $70 trillion.
The trillions were first raised by Wanta at the end of the Cold War when he was bankrolled by $150 billion of taxpayer money and appointed by President Ronald Reagan to devise a financial plan to destabilize the Soviet currency and use profits for the betterment of the American economy. He still remains legal trustor of the money spread out in more than 190 overseas banks, a position given to him by President Reagan and a position affirmed by Federal Judge Bruce Lee in 2003.
In fact, Wanta efforts were so successful he raised an estimated $27.5 trillion by the late 80’s early 90’s, thinking all along the money would be returned to the people as President Reagan had intended. However, in a turn of events contrived by former President George H. Bush and William Jefferson Clinton, he was backstabbed and jailed in an effort to keep him quiet as legal trustor, a move calculated so they could use the trillions for their own private agenda and not the agenda of the people.
Cottrell and Wanta both said they have solid documentation and evidence of illegal transactions of more than $743 billion (a conservative estimate), including a $1 billion transfer of American taxpayer money into a Panama bank account under Pilgrim Investments/Jorge (George) Bush in August of 1989.
Insiders watching what has been dubbed The Wanta Plan, considered by some to be more important than The Marshal Plan of World War II, claim the $4.5 trillion settlement signal an end to “business as usual” for the criminal banksters, as the settlement acts as an important symbol of ending a reign of “Bush corruption” and letting Americans know they still remain a financial superpower and not a nation controlled by the foreign interests in the corrupt Federal Reserve banking system.
“It is really pretty simple and like the situation that existed in the American Revolution,” said Cottrel, adding it’s everyone choice to remain a patriot and nationalist or side with the criminals who are trying to destroy America.
“Once you realize the facts and see the documentation, you can either side with being a true patriot and American or you can side with the criminals. I know W. (President Bush) isn’t too happy with me, but, oh well, that’s the way it goes. And I know for a fact I am on the top 10 list of people they want to silence, but the only way to stay safe is stay public.”
It is important to remember for the last 14 years, Wanta’s steadfast determination not to be corrupted by the likes of Daddy Bush and Clinton has taken the criminals completely by surprise, sending a financial electric-shock through the corrupt Illuminati underworld banking community, the likes of which their criminal minds never expected.
And this is exactly why all of them, including President Bush. U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr., the entire Federal Reserve Board (controlled by foreign interests), Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Finance committee, and Rep. Michael Oxley of the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services are all remaining with their thumbs sucking in their mouths, not saying a word.
Regarding the Wanta money, look how the above officials have responded since the vast sum that could turn around the economy arrived more than a month ago while depriving the American people of an immediate $1.6 trillion dollar windfall and more the $200 billion in lost revenues each and every banking day the money is withheld:
Bush has illegally blocked the release of the money, making him liable for preveting a private in paying taxes owed to the American people in the amount of approximately $1.6 trillion. This also makes Bush guilty of criminal charges.
The Federal Reserve Board has illegally complied with Bush’s order to block the funds even though the Fed has no authority to intervene in such matters, making them also an accessory to criminal charges.
Paulson, U.S. Treasury Secretary, has blindly followed Bush’s criminal order with Paulson refusing to return or issue a statement about the The Wanta Plan after repeated calls by the Arctic Beacon.
Sen. Grassley and Rep. Oxley have remained silent on the matter, evening though they chair the two most important financial committees in government. And, in what is one of the most important financial stories in the history of America, both top ranking officials have refused to even issue a statement and have refused to return calls from the Arctic Beacon.
In fact, the Illuminati big boys have not uttered as much as a peep since Wanta’s $4.5 trillion dollar settlement became official on June 12 and the money finally transferred from numerous foreign bank accounts, causing fluctuations in the financial markets during May and June but, more importantly, signaling a hopeful end to the corrupt Illuminati banking system and their plan to financially destroy America.
Furthermore, the Wanta story trumpets loud and clear how the likes of the Illuminati, including Daddy Bush and Clinton, has their hand in the trillion dollar cookie jar for their own benefit and now, if anybody cares to pursue the matter in this country, how they can finally be indicted for defrauding the people
For example, the Wanta story goes back to August of 1989 when Daddy Bush wanted him to illegally transfer $1 billion in U.S. money to an account in Panama for Bush’s own person use.
When Wanta refused, citing violations of criminal statutes for anyone to personally benefit, including a President, from public funds, he was taken out of the picture with a bogus 22 year jail term.
Wanta was even told at the time by high ranking official, James Baker, it was useless to try and block the matter since people like Bush were above the law, saying it would be better to just turn a blind eye.
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