An Open Letter To Congressman Ron Paul

I recently sent a letter of appreciation to Congressman Paul. I feel that all seekers of Liberty, Freedom, and Truth owe Dr. Paul a debt of gratitude for all he does to defend the principles of of what this country was founded on. The following is a letter that I sent to show my appreciation of his hard work.

Dear Honorable Dr. Paul

I wish to take a moment out of my day to send you a congratulations. An absolutely well deserved congratulations for your unwavering position on Freedom and Liberty as originally recognized by the the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the united states of America. The never-ending fight for the Truth you undertake is second to none in Congress.

The courage it takes to stand up to those who have long forgotten their responsibilities in a representational government, is a shining example to everyone far and wide in this country. You have initiated an awakening of a hibernating public with such pointed actions as sponsoring eye-opening Bills of Law,  discerning weekly columns on current events, and biting bureau-critical speeches made on the floor of the House.

Although I am far outside the bounds of the Congressional District for which your so dutifully serve, your voice resonates my very own beliefs and thoughts. In addition, I truly believe there are numerous others out there, everywhere, who think as we do. They are awake but afraid, waiting for people like you to set an example, to lead the way, cutting through the layers of deception that smother our natural born sovereign freedoms.

We are all Patriots for Freedom, Liberty, and Truth and as such, we watch with baited breath while you expose the lies being created daily. We tell our friends who you are and what you stand for. We talk about the very concepts, ideas, and topics you write about, and discuss them. Through the actions that you exemplify,  the restoration of our Constitutional Republic may still be possible.

As you safeguard the truth, know there are many of us out there in every place imaginable, that stand behind you as you do so. Thomas Jefferson said, “It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.”


Steven Westfall

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