Building a North American Community

The following article is from It is a short brief of a document created by the Council of Foreign Relations called, “Building a North American Community.” (Here is the original report in pdf format: Building a North American Community. This post is related to one posted in January, “OPPOSE The North American Cooperative Security Act (NACSA).”)

Building a North American Community

Report of the Independent Task Force on the Future of North America 
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What follows is a brief summary of the report. Note the involvement of the Council on Foreign Relations in the development of this report and its policy “recommendations”. For further background information about the CFR and its role in establishing the one world system, see our Shadow Government section. Here is the original report in pdf format: Building a North American Community.
Special thanks to Connie Fogal of the Canadian Action Party, who wrote the summary below and to Wanda Benton of the PRC-Digest for calling it to our attention.

The North American continent is being transformed from three sovereign nations (Canada, USA, Mexico) into one regional corporate power base, the North American Union.

Unlike the creation of the European Union, there is no public political/ academic discourse on the merits, or pros and cons of a North American Union building up to a vote within each nation as to the wish of the people to join such a union. Instead the union is being created by stealth, is already well on its way to fruition, and is being imposed on us by our own “elected” representatives and government with no opposition.

The ultimate enforcement mechanism for the North American Union is a police state. The tools for the police state are “anti-terrorist” laws. Anti Terrorist laws are a ruse to strip the people of their liberties in order to prevent dissent. The Orwellian justification is “security”, “safety”.

The plan of this Canada-U.S.-Mexico task force is to establish a continent-wide customs union with a common approach to trade, energy, immigration, law enforcement and security that would virtually eliminate existing national borders. The task force released its recommendations for a common North American in May 17/18, 2005.There was minor reference to it in mainstream media – no headline presentation.

The recommendations include:

  • A common security perimeter by 2010
  • A North American Border Pass with biometric identifiers.
  • A unified border and expanded customs facilities
  • A single economic space
  • A common external tariff.
  • Seamless movement of goods within North America.
  • A North American energy strategy -as a regional alternative to Kyoto.
  • Review those sectors of NAFTA that were excluded.
  • A North American regulatory plan that would include “open skies and open roads” and a unified approach on food, health, and the environment.
  • Expand temporary worker programs and create a “North American preference” for immigration for citizens of North America.
  • A North American Investment Fund to build infrastructure to connect Mexico’s poorer regions in the south to the market to the north.
  • Restructure and reform Mexico’s public finances.
  • Fully develop Mexican energy resources (Mexico wisely kept their energy out of NAFTA)
  • A permanent tribunal for trade and investment disputes.( Here is where any vestige of democratic government disappears)
  • An annual North American summit meeting.
  • A Tri-national Competition Commission with a common approach to trade remedies.
  • Scholarships for a network of Centers for North American Studies. (To serve the corporations)
  • Below is the list of the Members of the Independent Task Force on North America- Many are members of the Trilateral Commission – a similar corporate interest group from the USA, Japan and Western Europe )

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