Calif. City Bans Most Outdoor Smoking

I had to re-read this article several times! No smoking outside?!! I remember smokers making the argument that this type of banning would happen as the slippery slope of banning smoking in all public areas…advocates for banning called it extreme and said they were crazy…

Calif. City Bans Most Outdoor Smoking

CALABASAS, Calif., Jan. 21 (UPI) — Officials in the small Southern California city of Calabasas are preparing to implement a ban on most outdoor smoking.

The proposed regulations ban smoking in outdoor areas where other people are present.

“Everything is forbidden here,” Tal Genin, a smoker who moved to California from Israel four months ago, told the Los Angeles Times. “No skateboarding, no rollerblading; you can’t swim in the lake. It’s like ‘The Truman Show’: Everything looks really nice, but you can’t live life.”

Mayor Barry Groveman, a former environmental prosecutor, pushed for the law. He said it seems silly for the city to do its best to preserve green space and then allow smokers to foul it.

The ordinance was adopted this week. City officials are working out the details, including setting aside outdoor smoking areas.

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