How about that Pentagon plan for martial law?

This article comes from Jerry Mazza at Although the Online Journal has varied points of view on a multitude subjects, I thought this story hit the ‘spot’ on too much federal and state control. It is especially appropriate after the declaration of Martial Law in New Orleans, which was implemented all too easy. Are […]

Devolutionary Period

This excerpt from “Encyclopedia of Advanced American Civics”, © 2003, by David R. Deschesne, is a great primer for the current state of affairs here in America. Although it is long, it discusses many of the things you might see around on other patriotic websites and explains them well, referencing it in a timeline to […]

U.S. Says Terrorists May Pose As Vagrants

Terrorist vagrants? Unfortunately society’s least desirables, vagrants, would be a likely candidate for the first wave of true citizen detainees. It seems all too plausible that city-wide ‘vagrant-threat” raids could be a reality throughout the country. More disturbing might be the fact that the American public would fall right into line when the Department of […]

Americans Surrendering Liberties: Shades of German History

The following article by Pastor Chuck Baldwin is from, one of the many sites I read during the course of the week. If this article doesn’t wake you up to some degree, then only the police knocking at your door will asking you for your ‘papers’. (Probably in the form of the national ID […]