Amnesty and Foot Stompin’ Globalists

“…CBS quotes Bush as saying that his legislation “makes it more likely we can enforce our border”. The Times quotes Bush as saying that the groundswell of grass-roots opposition is full of “empty political rhetoric, trying to frighten our citizens.” Excuse me? If you aren’t insulted, then let me be insulted on your behalf…”

The Plan to Integrate the U.S., Mexico and Canada

“…The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has just let the cat out of the bag about what’s really behind our trade agreements and security partnerships with the other North American countries. A 59-page CFR document spells out a five-year plan for the “establishment by 2010 of a North American economic and security community” with a […]

Uninformed, Disinterested, Brainwashed & Special Interest Voters

“…There can be no denying Bush’s agenda for one world government if you have done the research. I do not use the word treason often or lightly. Treason is defined as: Violation of allegiance toward one’s country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one’s country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely […]

President Quietly Creating ‘NAFTA Plus’

“…President Quietly Creating ‘NAFTA Plus’”…Without announcing his intentions to do so, President Bush has decided to support the creation of a North American Union through a process of governmental regulations, never having to bring the issue before the American people for a clear referendum or vote…”

To Rule Is To Destroy

“…We talk of despotism and yet new businesses are started constantly, and there is no evident lack of opportunity. Precisely what do we want to do but are not permitted to do? What is all this talk about the need to free the economy before despotism chokes the life out of it? And what is […]

Civil rights? How About Lawlessness?

“…THE DEBATE over illegal immigration has reached a vigorous boil, with contrasting bills in the House and Senate and hundreds of thousands of protesters demonstrating nationwide. The complexities of this debate seem lost on many of the protesters. Many claim that what lies beneath reform efforts is raw racism, leading to the view that the […]

Border Protests Not Fight for Civil Rights

There is one belief I firmly stand behind when it comes to illegal immigration, and I found it best said in this quote by Joe Hicks, “…Let me be clear: I would never favor the inhumane treatment of anyone, including illegal immigrants. But I don’t support turning a blind eye to illegal entry in a […]

Building a North American Community

The following article is from It is a short brief of a document created by the Council of Foreign Relations called, “Building a North American Community.” (Here is the original report in pdf format: Building a North American Community. This post is related to one posted in January, “OPPOSE The North American Cooperative Security […]

Forget About Civil War In Iraq-One Is Coming To America

“…It is absolutely incredible that our government would tolerate people who are not even legal residents of our country to generate the kind of mass demonstrations and protests that we are witnessing on a daily basis! It is more than incredible; it is outrageous!…”