Aspartame — History of Fraud and Deception

In this article by Dr. Joseph Mercola we are clearly shown the history and perils of Asparatame. Unbelievably this drug has become a mainstay and doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon. However New Mexico may become the first State to ban it. To follow-up, if this article isn’t enough to convince you–check here […]

Eastern European Avian Flu Similar to 1918 Strain

This story from The Vancouver Sun helps to push the case for the Avian Flu to have been an actual manufactured strain using the original 1918 Spanish Flu dug up in the Arctic. Regardless and interesting article if you want to know more about this latest Flu strain.

Soft drinks, high-fructose corn syrup, and obesity

This story from is not only a prime example of just how easily the American public willingly accepts whatever ‘federal agency approved’ product is put in front of them without question, but a clear indicator that the FDA and corporate interests favor cost effective chemicals to the detriment of the very consumer they are […]