Cheap Venezuelan Oil to Heat Poor Communities in the US

“…Bush’s Latin American foe Hugo Chavez publicises his first agreement to provide cheap heating oil for the poor in Massachusetts…” Chavez is not only smart but believes in his own country’s sovereignty.

Cheap Venezuelan Oil to Heat Poor Communities in the US
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Full page advertisements in major US newspapers publicised on Tuesday the first agreement signed by Venezuela to provide cheap heating oil to US poor communities this winter. Under the headline “How Venezuela is keeping the home fires burning in Massachusetts,” an article ordered by Hugo Chavez, Bush’s foe in Latin America, tells why Citgo, a subsidiary of the state-owned Venezuelan oil firm, has expanded the programme to housing projects, homeless shelters and Indian tribal reservations as well as tens of thousands of households across Maine, Rhode Island, New York’s Bronx borough and the Philadelphia area.

Chavez, a fierce opponent to Bush policies for Latin America, calls the pumping of cheap oil to the heart of the empire he dennounces “an humanitarian gesture.” But inside the US, analysts believe Chavez oil diplomacy – benefiting more than 100,000 households – is designed to embarrass Mr. Bush.
The offer from Citgo, which was an American-owned company before it was acquired by Petroleos de Venezuela, is attractive: 40 per cent discounts on heating oil to low-income communities. According to US analysts, the closest historical comparison was Argentine first lady Eva Peron’s donation of clothing for needy American children in 1949.
The agreements signed by the Citgo were brokered with Democrats US political leaders and entered into force this year. Both sides believe they could extend the contracts next winter under similar basis.

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