China Harvesting Organs of Poltical Prisoners

“…An undercover BBC crew appears to have found direct evidence of the practice of harvesting the organs of Chinese political prisoners in a lucrative transplant deal…”

Evidence of Chinese Organ Harvesting

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcast: 28/09/2006
Reporter: Rupert Wingfield-Hayes

TONY JONES: A month ago we interviewed the author of a controversial report accusing the Chinese Government of harvesting the organs of political prisoners in a lucrative transplant trade. Now an undercover BBC crew appears to have found direct evidence of the practice, which is thriving on a growing demand from desperately ill foreigners. The undercover crew has learnt that the going price for a liver transplant is now $125,000 and that according to the doctors, the donors are recently executed prisoners.

RUPERT WINGFIELD-HAYES: This hospital is one of the biggest organ transplant centres in northern China. Using a hidden camera, I’m going undercover to try and find out whether the organs being used here come from executed prisoners. I’ve told the hospital I’m looking for a new liver for my ailing father. The chief surgeon, Dr Dung, tells me he can get a matching liver in less than three weeks. Then I broach the awkward issue of where the liver will come from.

We have heard that many of the organs come from executed prisoners.

DR DUNG: Yes, it’s true.

RUPERT WINGFIELD-HAYES: Another man arrives. This is the hospital’s agent for dealing with foreign clients. He’s eager to do business and produces documents for making a payment of £50,000 to a bank account in Hong Kong. He’s also far less discrete.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: To put it bluntly, it’s true. We use a lot of organs from executed prisoners. The prisoners on death row have done many bad things. Before they die they give their organs as a present to society. It’s a good thing.

RUPERT WINGFIELD-HAYES: Then an astonishing admission; that an increase in executions ahead of the 1 October national holiday means there is a sudden abundance of organs.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: 1 October is China’s National Day.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There is a big link. In order to ensure social stability, before China’s National Holidays there are always lots of organs available. So the patient should come as soon as boss.

RUPERT WINGFIELD-HAYES: China is now a world centre of the organ transplant industry. But it’s an industry that is based on one rather horrifying statistic; that China executes more people every year than the rest of the world put together.

The hospital says the prisoners all donate their organs voluntarily. But this is how prisoners in China go to their deaths. This is a public execution rally from July this year. This man’s name is Ujen Fung. The noose around his neck is to choke him if he tries to call out.

Back at the hospital the cafeteria is buzzing with foreigners. Last year this hospital performed 600 liver transplants each costing £50,000 or more. Organs are now big business in China, but it’s one built on death and deception.

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