Citizenship and The United States Constitution

Brent Johnson is currently director of Freedom Bound International , a Common Law service center specializing in educating Americans as to their natural rights. In addition to hosting the hit international radio show The Voice of Freedom – heard by over eight million listeners each week – and having authored the book The American Sovereign – How to Live Free From Government Regulation, Brent conducts seminars throughout America, on issues around sovereignty, social security, IRS and the income tax, Common Law trusts, dual citizenship, Second Amendment, the court system, right to travel, jury rights, property taxes, the Federal Reserve System, self-sufficiency, the coming economic collapse and more.

A special thanks to Brent for letting me post his commentaries on this blog. Brent is a true Patriot and advocate for the Constitutional Republic that should be America.

By Brent Johnson, director of Freedom Bound International

The Constitution for the United States was written by political historians, people who knew from experience that left unchecked, government will find ways to oppress and control the people. The Constitution is a document of negative authority. This means that if a power or authority is not specifically designated as belonging to the government, then it belongs to the people.>

Our federal government was established to perform certain very specific functions. These include national defense, internal law enforcement and general welfare, but the first and foremost of our government’s duties is the protection of our unalienable rights. Our country was founded as a Union of Sovereign nations. The federal government was never intended to “rule” these nations. Each of the 50 states in the Union is legally regarded as a Sovereign and foreign country with respect to the federal United States. In law, “United States” means the federal government corporation, not the 50 states!

Yet we have allowed the United States to abridge our rights under the Constitution. We have forgotten that our Founding Fathers fought and died to establish and preserve a Union of nations based on principles of freedom and self-rule among the people. We have been tricked into surrendering our natural rights in favor of receiving “privileges” from the federal government. What most Americans do not understand is that they have entered into a contract with the federal government; a contract that exchanges their status as Sovereign Citizens for that of feudal subjects of the State. This contract is embodied within the Social Security application.

When you (or your parents) signed your Social Security application Form SS-4 you became bound to an adhesion contract, a contract whose terms are set in stone. When you signed a signature card to open your bank account, you renewed the terms of this same contract. Every time you sign a Form W-4 Request for Withholding Allowance or a Form 1040 IRS Tax Return, you renew this contract. You are not required to sign any of these forms!

The terms of the contract you have agreed to subject you to the jurisdiction of the federal government, which lies outside the protection afforded by the Constitution. State Citizens are not subject to federal jurisdiction. The United States Supreme Court has consistently held this to be true. You cannot be required to pay federal and State income taxes or Social Security taxes unless you enter into this contract. But you didn’t know that, did you? Income and Social Security taxes are both voluntary!

However, there is a remedy available to you. Contract law requires that you be properly informed of all of the terms of any contract you enter into, before you sign the contract. Failure to do so allows you to void the contract, dating back to the original date of signing. By revoking your social security adhesion contract, you are actually entitled to a refund of all income and social security taxes you have ever paid! This has been confirmed by several former Internal Revenue Service Commissioners.

By signing the federal government’s adhesion contract you have voluntarily given up your Constitutionally protected rights. This accounts for the way in which the IRS can violate your property with impunity, because you have given up the rights that protect you from this kind of abuse. Remember, our Founding Fathers revolted against an oppressive 2% tax. What would they think of America today?

You may think that if everyone stopped paying income and social security taxes our government would collapse. This is simply not true. In the first place, 100% of your income taxes go to pay a 60 year old United States debt to the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank through the International Monetary Fund, governed by foreign bankers. The money you pay in income taxes leaves your country! If you look at the back of any canceled check made out to the IRS you will see proof that this is true. Not one penny of your income taxes go to pay for national defense, law enforcement, roads, or any legitimate government functions. Not one cent.

As to social security, the future debt of this program is currently over 18 trillion dollars, over six times the value of all property owned by all Americans throughout the world! It is mathematically impossible for the social security system to survive and I guarantee you that unless you are almost due to begin receiving benefits, the money you currently pay into the social security program is going down the drain. You would be better off setting up your own private retirement program (outside of the central banking system). If everyone stopped paying income and social security taxes, two things would happen. The federal government would be forced by the people to down-size to the level originally intended, and there would be an infusion of around 1.4 trillion dollars into the American economy, money that is currently leaving our borders to feed private foreign bankers.

In order to declare your Sovereignty as an American Citizen you have to stop accepting government “privileges”. This may be difficult for some but it is essential if you truly wish to reclaim your freedom under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Ours was never intended to be a government to “take care” of the people; ours is a government to support the people in taking care of themselves. Our Constitution is the greatest document for freedom ever written. Our Union of nations is the greatest political achievement in history. Stand up for your rights or you will lose them.

Build the life you want. Create the American Dream. Reclaim your Sovereign rights as an American Citizen.

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