Elixir for Ignorance

“We now have ideas to help us enunciate what we earlier knew intuitively, namely, that a complex world is too unpredictable to become subject to state planning; that social conflict and disorder are the necessary consequences of interfering with spontaneous systems of order.”—Butler Shaffer

Laying the Ground Work

Bill Losapio, The Lonely Libertarian

I’ve been eager to contribute again to the Crimson [Florida Tech’s Crimson] although I must admit I struggle with a wide range of issues upon which I’d like to opine. My previous articles ranged from light-hearted, to the sarcastic, to sincere, and I must admit to some experimentation in my delivery. Mostly determined by my mood, I imagine some articles were more effective than others at reaching people or in getting them to open up to a different point of view. Now, more than ever, though, the need to communicate the necessity of freedom’s principles obligates me to do the best I can to reach you, the reader, without putting you on the defensive or intellectually bludgeoning you.

Placing hope in understanding then, let me share with you what you can expect from my articles instead of leaping directly into the issues. I consider the life, liberty, and justly-acquired property of the individual to be sacrosanct (it should go without saying that a person’s race, color, creed, language, or who they opt to share a bed with have no impact on the fundamental worth of each individual). No amount of voting, rhetoric, horrible weaponry, funny hats, or fancy titles can imbue a person or group of persons with the right to violate these bedrocks of humanity. Already, many of you are leaping to conclusions about my political perspective.

In fact, another topic you’ll see repeated is the fraudulence of the “left vs. right” paradigm. It is intellectually infantile to lump socio-political thought into two categories, “left wing” and “right wing”. Yet I will also discuss the utility of such fraudulent dualisms by social engineers. I intend to cover some very uncomfortable stuff, and obliterate long-standing assumptions spoon fed to us by our “establishment”. If you cling to the left-right paradigm, you’re going to be baffled by my screeds against both.

I will attempt to share what I know of our counterfeit and evil monetary system based on the ability of an unaudited private cabal of bankers to create credit at whim. I am adamant that we all must understand the far reaching damage this unchecked destructive power has on our lives and institutions, in particular, the boom and bust cycle (oh yes, a result not of laissez faire, but of central planning).

I want to reassure particularly those who traditionally hail from the left that in no way do I use terms such as “capitalism,” “free market,” or “free trade,” as euphemisms for corporate dominance of society. These terms have been usurped by a greedy elite to make their new world order sound palatable and are in no way truly “free”. I use these terms always in their strict definitions – the activity of free individuals from the fattest cat to the humblest peddler to engage in voluntary contract with any and all in the absence of any coercion from public or private entities.

Typically, using such terms to a leftist automatically conjures up images of little men with cropped mustaches with arms raised in salute. I will attempt to make more clear the real meanings of the words “capitalist,” “fascist,” “socialist,” and a few others like “mercantilist” and “syndicalist”. I will attempt to expose the fact that socialism and fascism are virtually identical in practice and why both must be fought (and how they can be).

I will also delve into material that was not long ago considered “black helicopter conspiracy” stuff but has now gained credence as the internet’s counterattack in the information war continues to take it’s toll on the traditional gatekeepers of information.

Let me say, I consider lumping people into categories (e.g., racism) as intellectually lazy. I will not, however, spare anyone who clings to modern fanciful sophisms that trample on the rights of the individual. You will also quickly find out that I am extremely distrustful of any solution proposed by government – indeed, I hope I can convey to others the disastrous unintended consequences of policies based on coercion ( e.g., all government policies), from war to welfare and every tyrannical tidbit in between.

In short, I am an intellectual extremist in the cause of human liberty – for both philosophical as well as economic reasons. I consider it an honor to share my ideas with you and hope more of us will take freedom’s sledgehammer to the foundations of usury, war, corruption, and totalitarianism.

As a first step, I invite you to join the 911 Truth Symposium at the Metro Café in
Melbourne on Sept 9. Visit www.911truth.gothinkblog.com.

You are welcome to email me: bill_losapio@hotmail.com

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