Former FBI Agent And Whistle Blower’s Son Framed
For Murder He Didn’t Commit

“…John Peeler has “all the dirty goods” on the U.S. government’s covert operations to kill New World Order foes, as well as the hidden details behind Waco, Oklahoma City and 9/11….”

Former FBI Agent And Whistle Blower’s Son Framed
For Murder He Didn’t Commit

18 Mar 2006
By Greg Szymanski
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John Peeler has been called a “jack boot thug” more than once in his life, even calling himself “the worst of the worst” for the downright “dirty assignments” he took on as a longtime FBI agent.

Peeler, who saw it all so to speak, worked behind the scenes or had inside information about Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City and 9/11.

For years, the veteran undercover FBI agent worked underground basically as a hit man or infiltrator, trying to nip in the bud any patriot or militia movement threatening the New World Order agenda, being privy to exactly how the government staged terrorist events like Oklahoma City and 9/11 in order to further the Illuminati agenda leading to World War III and the destruction of the West.

“I was basically one of them, a part of the New World Order,” said Peeler this week on Greg Szymanski’s radio show, The Investigative Journal, where a complete audio version of Peeler’s shocking testimony can be heard at

“I had a deep loyalty for America and justified my actions by thinking I was protecting my country. For a long time, I just didn’t understand how the people giving the orders, including those in the White House, were deceitful, corrupt and actually trying to bring about the destruction of America.

“After 9/11, I started putting the pieces together, started connecting the dots and now fully realize from the firsthand facts I obtained while working for the FBI that Oklahoma City and 9/11 were inside jobs.

I know firsthand Timothy McVeigh was a patsie, working for the government. I also believe he is still alive today and living high off the hog on some island somewhere.”

And the moment Peeler finally realized the government officials he served were “the real criminals” and he was just another minion or hired gun carrying out their dirty work, there was no turning back, as he turned in his badge and gun for a loud whistle around his neck in order to spread the truth.

Instead keeping quiet and taking the easy way out, Peeler decided to make amends for his actions by going public with his knowledge about how the use government staged Waco and Ruby Ridge, as well as providing key information about the U.S. government’s role in bringing about Oklahoma City and 9/11.

“These are not conspiracy theories,” said Peeler. “This is based on facts I know, leading to the conclusion that Oklahoma City and 9/11, without question, were inside government jobs.”

And when Peeler refused to “play ball” with the powers that be, the hammer was slammed down hard. It was slammed down hard since it is well-known the New World Order thugs “plays for keeps,” especially with people from the inside who try to leak out damaging information.

 “I’ve had many death threats and close calls since I went public in 2001,” said Peeler. “But they decided to go after my son, who was in the military, framing him for a murder he didn’t commit. There was no credible physical evidence, no credible testimony, no body, no nothing. It was a frame job from the beginning to get at me and now my son sits in jail serving a life sentence for a crime he didn’t commit.”

Peeler said he was trying to raise public awareness to have his son’s case revisited in order to obtain his release since working “inside the system with the corrupted judiciary” provides no hope for justice being served.

In another interview Peeler posted on his blog at he had this to say about the inside information he obtained, leading to the public indictment against the U.S. government’s criminal actions, crimes against humanity and crimes against the people of the United States.

“That’s right. I volunteered and worked undercover for the United States government. I had the best intentions in the world. In 1988, the [Ku Klux] Klan was burning black churches here in Arkansas and the surrounding southern areas. But anyway, what I”m saying is a real, real complicated mess. I would like for you to pray for my son and myself. I”m no longer with the United States government.

“The only way I”m with the government now is they harass me on a regular basis and trying to figure out some way
to put me in jail. The FBI came to my home a few weeks ago and threatened me. Then they forced me to take a polygraph test. I took a polygraph test, and I passed it. They are real upset because I no longer do deals for them. But they did me really dirty. What happened, I volunteered and went undercover for the government in 1988.

 “They had a list of people that they had me to get to know these people, get involved with them, and then find out all about them. But most of the people who were on the list were really bad people. Most of these people were like Wilbur Hale, the high Phineas priest, the KKK, him and Richard Wayne Snell. Let me tell you what precipitated this in my conversation with you. What happened, I get Tony Alamo”s newsletters most of the time. Sometimes I look at them better than others, but this last one, when I read about the Pearl Harbor thing, it sent shivers through my spine. It really did, because I was involved with a lot of the things that he”s talking about in there. I know for a fact that he”s one hundred percent correct. You see, Another Pearl Harbor.”

Having a wealth of stored up information, damaging to the New World Order hierarchy, including the former President Clinton and Bush, Peeler added:

 “I personally knew William Jefferson Clinton, also known as William Jefferson Blythe. I know the people in the Secret Service, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and many of these agencies work the same way. They have what they call the Violent Crime Task Force, and they go after people they want. Pastor Alamo is not violent.

“He preaches love and peace, to my knowledge, but he is on this list. He didn”t sell out to the government and say what the government wants people to say, that the government is good and righteous and is doing right for the people, which they”re not doing. But one of the warnings that I want to give to Pastor Alamo right now is, you notice a lot of people in the United States are dying of cancer. Now this is a scenario, okay, that could happen, okay.
“The FBI, BATF, CIA, the CIA officially did not work for the United States, but they did work in the United States and do a lot of things, but now under the new Anti-Terrorist Act and the Homeland Security Act, they can legally work in the United States, but I knew CIA agents that have been working in the United States for years doing deals.

 In another admission, Peeler talks about how he knew the FBI planted a bomb in the car of Earth First environmental activist, Judi Bari, almost killing her but later finished off the job in a more sinister and diabolical way.
Trying to connect the dots of the New World Order high command, Peeler said he knew first hand all roads lead to the, adding the U.S. law enforcement agencies are really enforcing the Pope in Rome’s diabolical will on U.S. citizens.

Saying that all of the secret societies pretending to be the servants and the protectors of not only the U.S. citizens but the citizens of the world are, in reality, working under the control of the evil powers that have taken over the Vatican, the real marching orders coming from Rome and then carried out throughout the world.

Regarding David Koresh, Peeler said that the BATF, DEA, and FBI’s plan from the start was to kill him, never intending anything else.

“The whole plan was to kill David Koresh and as many of his followers as they could. Three weeks before the massacre, they told me they were calling it a turkey shoot,” said Peeler.

“I volunteered to go to the Waco turkey shoot, Peeler said, “”They [the government] told me they were taking the most ammunition, the most weapons they ever took in the United States to a bust and that they didn’t plan to take David Koresh alive. They planned to kill him. I was also involved in the Oklahoma bombing and the World Trade Center number one and number two attacks.”

Regarding 9/11, Peeler added:

“It was another Pearl Harbor. Just like they said on the History Channel not too long ago, there were many people from the President, and the top upper echelons of the [Roman-controlled] United States government, that knew it was going to happen and let it happen.

“Now, since World War II, when the CIA was started, they got a lot of the old German high command and German officers of the SS and worldwide intelligence divisions, and had them to help them start the Central Intelligence Agency, and used a lot of their techniques that they had used over there [in Germany], that are very unfortunate that they have continued and passed down these techniques of going after certain people and certain organizations, for their religious or political affiliations.”

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