National Addiction

There are those who believe that the fight for liberty is exclusively a man’s fight. That is not true. Lee Parker is dedicated to truth and freedom, a patriotic woman who has given the last dozen years of her life to efforts to expose lies and reveal truths concerning the unalienable rights to life, liberty and property that are expressly recognized by the Declaration of Independence, and are inherent in all people around the world. Lee lends her perspective to the struggle for truth and liberty in a manner both conversational and pointed, in easy-to-understand language designed to make the listener seriously think about the issues raised. (This excerpt was originally posted at the The Voice of Freedom podcasting site and more of Lee’s writing can be found at the Voice of Freedom.)

National Addiction
By Lee Parker

I admit that I did not listen to Bush’s latest State of the Union address. I had just had dinner and did not want the indigestion that watching and listening to him would bring. However, I did read responses to his annual speech of lies and I watched several commentaries on television.

Well, believe it or not, I agree with Bush! I don’t remember ever agreeing with him, but this time I must. He said that the nation is addicted… oil. I agree with that but I also recognize the myriad other addictions that the people of this country embrace.

In making a list of the addictive tendencies of the people of the general population, I have to start with lying. This country is addicted to lying and liars. How else could you explain the fact that Bush, Clinton, Roosevelt and every other President have consistently lied to the American people? Why do we continue to accept lies around weapons of mass destruction, and send our young people to die in a country that has done us no harm? Saddam Hussein was neither connected with the September 11th attacks or Osama bin Laden. As a country, we tend to support both Bush the liar and the lies he promotes.

You might say that lying is necessary in today’s complex world. In fact, some people would even say that lying is normal.

To accept this line of thought and justification only shows the level of denial the people of this country are experiencing. In fact, denial around our addictions is what keeps these addictions in place.

There is no such thing as a minor addiction. All addictions are major in their ability to separate you from your soul. As a country, we have become separated from our soul: the Declaration of Independence and Constitution for the United States. Any addiction actually removes you from connection with a higher power or Creator. All addictions create a dependency on someone or something outside the individual, a need for a “fix”. Bush feeds us that fix whenever he speaks about Iraq and the War on Terror.

I know about addiction and denial because I faced and overcame my addiction to alcohol. For years, I lived with the denial that I had a drinking problem before I came face to face with my behavior and dependency on a poisonous substance that I used to pretend my life was OK. I no longer drink because doing so would take me back into a world of insanity and denial.

Denial maintains an addiction, just like the denial we face as a country maintains the New World Order being ensconced in Washington D.C. During his presidency, the elder Bush informed us that we would become part of a New World Order; his son is dutifully carrying out his promise. The rest of the country denies that such a thing could ever happen and justifies the actions of the United States, based on their addiction to lies, such as the great lie that America is still the freest country in the world.

We lie to ourselves and everyone else. However, the rest of the world sees our addictions and denials and knows that we have already lost our fight for Truth and Freedom. America is no longer a free country.

You support these lies every day of your life by paying taxes that you are not legally required to pay. You live in denial by sending your children to public schools. You support lies every time you obey your government public servants by blindly following orders to present your “papers”.

Bush is right. We are an addicted nation and YOU maintain that addiction through your denial and justification of a government that operates outside the Constitution. You support the darkness of lies every time you go along with the status quo, in order to get along. Welcome to the world of addiction. Until you let go of denial and address your own complicity as to how things got this way, the addictions will continue until the day you wonder how it ever got so bad.

When that happens, I suggest you go look in a mirror. You are the cause and reason why we are where we are today. Nothing will ever change unless you change your addiction to lies and address your denial of reality. We are an addicted nation.

In order to break free of an addiction, you must change your behavior. Until all Americans face the Truth as to their individual denial and take responsibility for and stand against lies wherever they appear, this country will continue its downhill spiral until one day you are all in concentration camps, living the very real lives of the prison you have built out of AmeriKa!

Then servitude will be your reality and all the denial in the world won’t change it.

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