Over Four-Fifths (82%) in CNN Poll Support The View of a Massive U.S. Government Cover Up of the Real Events of The 9-11 “Attacks”

It all started with an interview of Charlie Sheen by Alex Jones on his GCN network radio show. Even though it should have been big news as the story was sent to all major media news networks, most treated it at best with a lukewarm ‘no thank you’. A brief Drudge Report appearance of the story was seen—but the story was pulled shortly thereafter. In a courageous and frankly unconformist action by A.J. Hammer and CNN’s Showbiz Tonight then aired a story about Sheen’s interview which was met with ‘overwhelming’ and ‘incredible’ e-mail response by the viewers as reported the next night when Alex Jones was asked to come on the show. Look out for more coverage today and in the coming days…

No Longer The Minority: 82% Plus Support Charlie Sheen

Over four-fifths back his public stance on 9/11

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison Planet.com | March 24 2006

Despite the best efforts of the now whimpering attack poodles of the mainstream media, an online CNN poll shows that over four-fifths, or 82 per cent, agree with actor Charlie Sheen that the U.S. government covered up the real events of the 9/11 attacks.

Every establishment media mouthpiece aside from CNN tried to hang Sheen on his own words but it simply didn’t work because those same questions are firing the synapses in the heads of millions upon millions of other taxpaying American citizens.

We are now in the majority and the cynics are beginning to feel the breeze of fear as they desperately cling to ignorant dogmas spoon fed to them by an empire in descent, while in the back of their mind and in their soul knowing that they have sided with the wrong team and the wrong side of history.

As of Friday morning you can still vote in the poll and I encourage you to do so by clicking here. A.J. Hammer and CNN Showbiz Tonight need to be given their due as the only mainstream television news show to give balanced coverage of serious 9/11 questions.

This is a watershed moment in the struggle to create a powerful, educated and active contingent of individuals with no hierarchical structure but with a unified cause.

Charlie Sheen is the forerunner of the third wave of 9/11 skeptics to go public.

The first wave was concerned and informed American and worldwide citizens who educated themselves and formed action groups and organizations to inform others.

The second wave was former government officials and people of high office risking their political reputation to voice their doubts on 9/11, people like Paul Craig Roberts, Professor Steven Jones, Michael Meacher and Andreas von Buelow.

The third wave is high profile individuals who already have a substantial media platform from which to speak the truth, Hollywood stars and cultural icons. Charlie Sheen must be commended for risking his entire career for the sake of the truth and the future of America.

The fourth and final wave will be people who were in government at the time of 9/11 or those employed by the Bush administration at the time of 9/11, such as secret service officials and others close to the administration, going public with what they know. By this I don’t mean watered down shills like Richard Clarke but individuals with hardcore information that could be the catalyst for impeachment.

At that point the call for a new independent investigation of 9/11 will be deafening and impossible to ignore any further.

Our efforts in stalling these control freaks is really beginning to pay dividends. Our patience for freedom will outlast their lust for power and the human spirit will triumph over evil.

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