Please Protect Your Children From Teen Screen

I have been reading about ‘Teen Screen’ for a couple months now. After reading Ron Paul’s commentary about the program, I became alarmed at this policy that seems to be sliding right into place, having pilot programs already in several states. The only winner in this seems to be big pharmaceuticals. The following post is by By Rima E. Laibow, MD from her blog. She is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and her view on the matter is eye-opening indeed. I urge anyone who has children, any age, in a public school to simply write a letter demanding that you as a parent are to be notified about any of these ‘routine’ or ‘simple’ tests ahead of time, this way you can keep your children home or excuse them altogether from having to participate.

By Rima E. Laibow, MD?Medical Director
As posted on Dr. Laibow’s Health Freedom Blog

Teen Screen. Sounds friendly, helpful, upbeat, right? Well, it?s not. It is a marketing technique to addict and control our children by using bogus ?suicide screening? questions and then, if a child identifies some of these universal experiences as their own, they are sucked into a vortex of procedure and misuse of professional words and ideas to make sure that huge numbers of children are doped and made dopey. Make them dopey enough, and you will make them damaged and dead, too. Oh, by the way, there is no need to have parental approval for this doping and dieing in more and more places, by the way. Object and you can lose your children to the power of the state. The list of abominations goes on and on and on here. Let me remind you that these psychoactive drugs are dangerous toxins and have never been tested for long term effects in human, especially not on the developing brains of children Six to 13 weeks is about average for a test protocol for psychoactive drugs despite the fact that these horrific substances are addictive and used for years on end on children. They are often used in combination, too, despite the absolute lack of clinical testing to assure anyone at all that these are safe procedures.

In case I did not mention it, I am a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist by training as well as an Adult Psychiatrist. I know whereof I speak because I practiced out-patient psychiatry without drugs for more than 35 years before I closed my practice in order to take on the Body Politic: health freedom. I know first hand what these drugs do and I know first hand what is, and is not, known about the use and damage of these powerful mind altering chemicals and their impact on brains in development. I also know with the certainty of long practice that orthomolecular psychiatry, NeuroBioFeedback, clean food and psychotherapy are powerful, non-toxic, empowering tools to help with real issues of cognition, affect and attention.

I know, too, that these techniques are not very good for the biggest, and meanest, business in the world, Big Pharma. Not good at all. How much does a bottle of B3 (Niacin) cost compared to any of the dangerous doping compounds the patent medicine companies have convinced us are essential for life and health? You do the math. Or, if you?d rather look at some really interesting math done by some pretty smart people, take a look at the real story on Teen Screen and, scrolling down, take a look at the $30B which the Teen Screen poisoning of our children?s brains and bodies will result in for Big Pharma!

Here is my advice for you if you have kids: Do Not Allow Teen Screen Anywhere Near Your Child. Teach your child to resist the blandishments, the Video coupons and the Pizza Parties that are used as inducements for this diabolical program. Just Say No! and teach your kids to say ?NO!?, too.

If a child is mentally ill, there are ways to screen and to help him or her that do not involve blandishments and enticements and treatments that do not involve poisoning your child?s developing brain. Love your child. Keep him/her free of mind-bending poisons with addictive and other dangerous potentials. Please.

Yours in health and freedom from profitable poisons,?Rima E. Laibow, MD?Medical Director

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