Survival, Female Style

There are those who believe that the fight for liberty is exclusively a man?s fight. That is not true. Lee Parker is dedicated to truth and freedom, a patriotic woman who has given the last dozen years of her life to efforts to expose lies and reveal truths concerning the unalienable rights to life, liberty and property that are expressly recognized by the Declaration of Independence, and are inherent in all people around the world. Lee lends her perspective to the struggle for truth and liberty in a manner both conversational and pointed, in easy-to-understand language designed to make the listener seriously think about the issues raised. (This excerpt was originally posted at the The Voice of Freedom podcasting site and more of Lee’s writing can be found at the Voice of Freedom.)

By Lee Parker
As posted at The Voice of Freedom

I have never read, Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus. However, I believe the premise is true: that men and women have different ways of communicating and approaching life situations.

Don?t men regularly say, “She?s driving me crazy!! I don?t understand her!”? Don?t women say the same things about men? “If only he would do it like I do!!”

Let?s just accept the fact that men and women are different, just like the Creator intended. Each gender brings an important element to life. If we accept the differences as positive instead of crazy-making, we might be able to strengthen our relationships and in the process, save our country.

One arena where men and women need to join forces is in the insanity we see in today?s “terrorist” world. The government, through its controlled media, would have you believe that everyone and everything is a potential terrorist threat. Even the most innocuous life-threatening situation, such as an accidental fire, is probed and reported as if it might have been caused by a terrorist. However, an accident is not a terrorist activity and does not represent a terrorist threat.

Our society is currently saturated with fear. Fear of the government; fear of those the government calls terrorists; fear of losing one?s job; fear of the police; fear of failure; fear of rejection; fear of body odor; fear of pimples; fear, fear, fear. The list of things to fear never ends.

Men see and address this kind of terror differently than women. They tend to be more proactive and look for ways to minimize or eliminate altogether situations that create fear. Men are accustomed to assessing the potential danger and then acting to minimize any situation that could harm hearth or home. Men are the hunter-food gatherers and responsible for the physical protection of their families. When it comes to terror or fear- producing situations, men tend to be analytical and take direct action.

On the other hand, women perceive dangerous and fearful situations from another perspective and therefore respond differently than men. Women (and I include myself) react from more of an emotional perspective. For most women, fear produces a plethora of tears and eliminates logic and reason. This drives men crazy, since they are trying to be analytical and understand the situation in a linear way. Men need to accept the fact that when women are in an emotional or fearful position we are seldom rational!!!.

The greatest terror we have in our country comes from a federal government that is selling fear to the American people in quantum doses. Television, radio and news broadcasts constantly magnify the smallest event that might possibly be considered under special circumstances, to be a “threat” to Americans. Fear has become a commodity, peddled by and through the federal government via its controlled media. Fear is the emotion that the federal government uses to keep its citizens “in line” so that they will accept the government?s propaganda and misinformation. Fear is the tool of terrorists.

Men approach fear by taking action; women seek to comply. Men want to correct a problem. Women seek peace and security. Men want to yell and shout, take up arms and protect the family. Women seek to talk and find an acceptable compromise. Men know when there is no compromise but women always search for a non-confronting way to achieve security. Unfortunately, the twain seldom meet.

For more than 12 years, I have faced the government beast and the fears that it instills in the hearts of my fellow countrymen and women. I have listened to male rantings and comforted women in tears. I know that ours is a spiritual battle fraught with philosophical landmines with real-life consequences.

Is there a way to bring relief to those people who recognize that we are engaged in a spiritual battle and want to stand against tyranny? Is there any safety for those who would stand against an oppressive government? What can we do if we are to sustain ourselves through this time of elevated fear?

There is a solution, one that you have been using for your whole life, whether or not you know it.

We need to pray.

People say that their prayers are not answered and so they often either shake their metaphorical fists at the Creator or give up, certain that prayer doesn?t work.

I would like to suggest to those who feel this way, try a different form of prayer. Rather than asking, pleading, requesting or just repeating words you have been using for every prayer you have ever made, try this: Quiet your mind. Think about what you would like from this prayer. Then bring an emotional element to your request. Infuse your words with desire, with hope, with conviction, with an emotion that supports your request. Finally, feel your words being received and returned with Yah?s Grace.

Without the harmony of mind (thought), heart (emotion) and soul (feeling), prayers are nothing more than wishes. Unfortunately, most of us offer prayers like a wish instead of praying with the firm conviction that it will be given unto us, as promised. We have become accustomed to the ritual of prayer rather than quieting ourselves and bringing our total essence to our Father. That essence is what makes us whole; a totality of mind, body and soul.

It doesn?t matter if you are an “emotional” woman or “stubborn” male, prayer is a tool that we have all been given; a tool we can use to bring our families back together and thereby save this country from the darkness that has befallen it. Without prayers filled with emotion, thought and feeling, we will continue to wonder why our prayers go unanswered. We will remain separate from our Father and each other. We will continue to be dismayed, certain that prayer doesn?t work. Our hope and faith will continue to deteriorate until all that remains is a people who sold paradise for the benefits of a New World Order.

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