The Hypnotized Masses

There are those who believe that the fight for liberty is exclusively a man?s fight. That is not true. Lee Parker is dedicated to truth and freedom, a patriotic woman who has given the last dozen years of her life to efforts to expose lies and reveal truths concerning the unalienable rights to life, liberty and property that are expressly recognized by the Declaration of Independence, and are inherent in all people around the world. Lee lends her perspective to the struggle for truth and liberty in a manner both conversational and pointed, in easy-to-understand language designed to make the listener seriously think about the issues raised. (This excerpt was originally posted at the The Voice of Freedom podcasting site and more of Lee’s writing can be found at the Voice of Freedom.)

by Lee Parker
As originally posted at The Voice of Freedom podcasting site.
October 24, 2005

In America today, the general population has been hypnotized into believing in a country that no longer exists. Most people believe what they are told via written, visual and audio propaganda machines.

There are also a sizable number who don?t agree with or believe what they read, see and hear. While these people are not a true part of the hypnotized majority, they are not completely free of the hypnotic grip that keeps most of the American people docile and obedient.

Through the carefully controlled media, the American public has become like the masses found in George Orwell?s classic futuristic novel, 1984. Mass hypnosis goes on all the time and most people are not even aware that they have come under the influence of other minds.

Hypnosis is a proven psychological tool that can be used for many positive purposes, such as helping people to overcome emotional and physical problems. How many have used hypnosis to lose weight or stop smoking? How often is hypnosis used by a competent therapist to bring forth memories that are buried in the subconscious mind?

I am not trained in hypnosis. However, I have read about, researched and understand some of its more positive applications. At one time, I was considered to be a perfect subject. Do you remember when hypnosis acts were popular? Back then, I enjoyed cocktail lounge acts and attended some national conventions where the main entertainment was group hypnosis. I was the one on stage who would ?bark like a dog? and make a general fool of myself. Finally, I found a professional hypnotherapist who hypnotized me to not be able to be hypnotized. I have never again been hypnotized.

Actually, that is not entirely true, because I fell under the spell of the American media, propaganda machine. However, I was able to awaken from that trance. Unfortunately, most Americans still suffer from the effects of mass hypnosis. Are you one of them?

In The Secret History of the World, author Laura Knight-Jadczyk tells of a hypnotic experiment she witnessed as a hypnotherapy student.

A subject was hypnotized and told that ?John? was putting on his coat, walking to the door, and had left the room. The subject ?saw? John leave, even though John was still there. When the subject was brought out of the trance and asked who was in the room, he was unable to see ?John?, even though he was continuously walking around the room.
That was an experiment conducted on one person. The question is, ?Are hypnotic experiments being conducted on the general population? How far does experiment go towards subjugating the peoples? will? Have you fallen prey to mass population mind control? Are you certain? How do you know?

What you do know is that the mainstream media is feeding the population propaganda and misinformation. You know that the government is evil and seeks to enslave an entire nation. You know that the economy is about to bottom out and that the War on Terror will never be won. You see, it doesn?t matter what people know. What is important is how the American people have been hypnotized into turning the other way and doing nothing about the evil of government oppression.

Mass hypnosis is perpetuated by the registered clergy, who have traded in their faith for the conveniences provided to 501 (c)(3) government churches, in order to encourage donations and tithing..

The public are hypnotized by politicians who use special techniques to win their votes and ?enchant? them into believing they will make a difference and defeat the evil in government.

People are hypnotized every time they read a newspaper, turn on the radio or television, or go to church, the mall or the movies.

Once achieved, this state of mass hypnosis is maintained by the hope of a better tomorrow or a more honest politician. The desire to believe what you are told; to go along in order to get along; to just live the so-called good life, helps maintain the hypnotic state, which dulls each individual?s ability to think critically or take direct action.

The propagandists succeed by selling fear with one hand while buying your support with the other. Using this technique, it does not take very long to hypnotize most of the population into apathetic acceptance and submission. For example, look around at how very few of those who know the truth are willing to come right out and expose the lie. Hypnosis is maintained by those who know something is wrong but who refuse to do anything to expose the lie and wake people up from their stupor.

You and I are responsible for not awakening others. We are responsible for not getting in our neighbors? faces and telling them to wake up from their stupor before they become emotional and spiritual prisoners of a real-life Matrix. Yet, most people have not lived up to their responsibilities. Have you?

When will you embrace your responsibilities as free Americans with passion and commitment? When will you put your life on the line for Truth? When will you do more than complain while allowing your government to dismantle your country?

Take time to consider these questions; then do something, because Auschwitz is right around the corner.

This is Lee Parker with A Woman’s Point of View.

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