The Utility Electricity Scam of the Decade

Following essay was originally sent as an email newsletter by a reader, “Wisdom”, who issues a regular email alert called “Energy Liberty eMail”. While many of us have noticed the alarming increase in electricity rates, few have gone to the extent that Bill has in research and study, and actual implementation of alternate energy sources. His expos? of what is really going on and how electricity providers are scamming the public they serve, is both eye-opening and distressing.

by “Wisdom”

When I started this Energy Liberty eMail many months ago, I did not
realize it would become just as important as air and water filtration,
water and food storage, and gold and silver for the survival minded man
and woman. The tragic result of Hurricane Katrina on human life, a modern
Atlantis known as New Orleans taken by the waters, and some 40% rise in
the price of regular gasoline brings to a country’s men and women the
importance of energy. I owe at least a debt of gratitude to the many
researchers and readers of my Energy Liberty eMail series. To those men
and women, here is your reward:

My extensive research and verification by experiment of my personal
Alternative Energy program is so intensive, it’s like going to college
again. While tracking down one of the last few components of a
comprehensive Alternative Energy System to reduce my sky high and
constantly rising electric bill, I found what I call “The Utility Electricity Scam of the Decade”.

First, some background. The electrical appliances and devices of all sorts
we use everyday at home, work, school, and government are designed and
built to run best when using a specific amount of electricity when plugged
into your wall electrical outlet supplied with electricity from your local
utility electricity company. For the purposes of this eMail, electricity
is the motion of electrons through wires, transistors, lights, etc. inside
your electrical appliances, and is defined as two parts: Volts and Amps.
Volts is the amount of push and pull force on electrons to cause the
electrons to move. Amps is the quantity of electrons in motion. By
multiplying Volts and Amps, you get Watts- the amount of power of the
electricity used in your appliances, such as a 100 Watt light bulb.

Each appliance or device may be designed and built to use 110 Volts, or
115 Volts, or 117 Volts, or 120 Volts, or perhaps rarely 125 Volts A.C.
RMS (the range of standard household utility electricity within America
and Canada). The majority of all electrical things we use work fine at 110
through 117 Volts, even if they are labeled to use 120 Volts. Rarely will
you find anything labeled to require 125 Volts.

Here is the scam:

In general, the more Volts (amount of push and pull force on electrons in
wires) that is supplied to your electrical appliance through your wall
electrical outlet from your local utility electricity company, your
electrical appliance is force-fed more Amps. This is an interesting

In general, for every one extra Volt supplied by your utility electricity
company, your appliance will use a little more than two extra Watts of
electricity. Because your electricity company bills you according to how
many Watts your appliance uses, your electric company can force you to pay
it more money than necessary, and therefor it achieves more profit in
total dollars received.

For example, an appliance that needs only 110 Volts and 1 Amp uses a total
of 110 Watts (110 Volts multiplied by 1 Amp). But if your utility
electricity is supplying that same appliance with an extra 15 Volts of 125
Volts instead, then the appliance is force-fed 1.14 Amp, not 1 Amp, for a
total of 142.5 Watts (125 Volts x 1.14 Amp), which is an extra 32.5 Watts.
Thus, an extra 15 Volts results in your appliance using an extra 32.5
Watts, and you are billed for those extra 32.5 Watts, which is about 29%
higher than necessary.

That extra 29% Watts your appliance is forced to use, now creates an
artificial demand for more electricity. By the “Law of Supply and Demand”
in our capitalist society, your electricity company now has reason to
increase its cost per Watt of the electricity your appliance uses which
you must pay, resulting in an increased profit percentage for your
electricity company.

Your average personal computer is immune from this utility electricity
company robbery because of its advanced “Switching Mode Power Supply”
(SMPS). But most likely your monitor, printer, scanner, speakers
amplifier, fax machine, etc. are not.

You having to pay more money to your electricity company is bad enough,
but it gets worse. That extra 29% Watts causes your appliance to “slow
cook” to an early death, because its designer didn’t intend for it to use
that much extra electricity day after day.

It gets worse. Certain appliances, especially your air conditioner,
central air circulation fan, refrigerator, freezer, garbage disposal, dish
washer, trash compactor, and fan may when it turns off send electricity
back into your home’s electrical wires inside the walls. That extra 29%
Watts may become 58.5 back-Watts or more to damage your other appliances
that are on, necessitating their repair or replacement.

Finally, the extra artificial demand for more electricity increases the
probability for and more frequent occurrence of blackouts due to the
public utility electricity grid lines being overloaded. Your electricity
company might be the cause of the blackouts interrupting your life.

I tested my utility electricity with a quality digital multimeter. You can
too if you know how safely. If you don’t know how to do so safely, hire an
Electrician to test the Voltage from your wall electrical outlets. I found
my home utility electricity was at 126 Volts while my high efficiency
window air conditioner was in operation! That’s 5% more Volts than the 120
Volts it is rated to use, resulting in 54.84 more Watts than it’s intended
to use- slightly more than 10% more Watts than needed. For every 10 hours
I run this air conditioner at 6 Volts over rating, I pay for 11 hours of
electricity! It should cost 70 cents, but I pay 77 cents. Over one month
this adds an extra $6.30 to my electricity bill, or $75.60 per year!
Utility electricity Voltage isn’t supposed to be that high! No wonder my
electricity bill is sky high! No wonder my electrical things have a short

You can help protect your appliances from this damage by getting Surge /
Spike Protectors- get the kind with two lights on them. Additionally, I am
fighting back by spreading this knowledge to you and many others, and
every time my electricity company raises its price of electricity, I spend
that much money to buy whatever parts I can to build my own ways of making
my own electricity, such as Solar Panels and Wind Turbines and / or become
more energy efficient.

My Energy Liberty program has been so successful, it finally resulted in
significant utility electricity usage reduction, that my total electricity
bill has finally gone down by 15%, even though the cost of utility
electricity continues to rise and outdoor temperatures remain high for
record weeks on end.

In a few months, I hope to install enough Solar Arrays to reduce my
electric bill by another 25%, for a total reduction of 40% off my utility
electricity bill. This will bring my future monthly electricity bill to
below what I was paying five years ago!

General rules to reduce your electricity bill: if an appliance isn’t in
use, turn it off and except for your computer system, answering machine,
and cordless phone, emergency lights, and life support equipment- unplug
it from the wall, especially A.C. adapters as they waste an average 60%
electricity. Get a high efficiency air conditioner. If you use a motorized
timer (on your oven?)- replace it with a digital electronic timer. Shade
your glass doors and windows during the hot months. Do you really need
five clocks? Can you live with just two clocks and a watch? Replace your
incandescent lights with compact florescent lights (requires surge / spike
protector) or maybe LED lights.

Research, experimentation, and action is how we win big…


If you want to reduce your utility electricity bill, let me know and I’ll
lead you in the right direction. I know where the good products are.


Note: The following information is from Australia, where the standard
nominal voltage is about double that used in America and Canada. Also, the
Australian dollar has a different value than the American or Canadian
dollar, and different words and spellings are in common use. The web site
having the following web pages has not been updated since October 2001.

Author: Michael Gunter, scrutineer of electricity industry ethics
was labeled “Volts Commissar” by a North American electrical engineer for
daring to challenge the industry about the effect of supply voltage on
electricity utility revenues.

eMail Author:

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Personally testing the voltage in my American home. Yes, indeed the
voltage from my utility electricity company is too high! Also personal
experience with extraordinary malfunctions, damage, repairs, and
replacements of electrical appliances and devices during the past 5 years.

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