To Fight or Die

Brent Johnson is currently director of Freedom Bound International , a Common Law service center specializing in educating Americans as to their natural rights. In addition to hosting the hit international radio show The Voice of Freedom – heard by over eight million listeners each week – and having authored the book The American Sovereign – How to Live Free From Government Regulation, Brent conducts seminars throughout America, on issues around sovereignty, social security, IRS and the income tax, Common Law trusts , dual citizenship, Second Amendment, the court system, right to travel, jury rights, property taxes, the Federal Reserve System, self-sufficiency, the coming economic collapse and more.

A special thanks to Brent for letting me post his commentaries on this blog. Brent is a true Patriot
and advocate for the Constitutional Republic that should be America.

by Brent Johnson the host of The Voice of Freedom
September 14, 2005

What have we done to our country? What have we done to America? How did we ever let it get to be this way?

The government is totally out of control. Our representatives regularly pass ?laws? to eradicate or violate the fundamental rights of all Americans, in the name of furthering precisely what? Socialism, communism, the idea that everyone is entitled to have a good life handed to him on a silver platter, and that the American people are somehow obligated to pay for it? that?s what.

Police are trained to arrest Americans who defend their own homes and their country?s land. Police are trained that everyone must obey orders given by a police officer! Sure sounds to me like slavery in a police state.

Judges, who are charged with ensuring that our laws are rigidly followed by the government, instead have been trained that they are god and can do anything they want to do in their respective courtrooms. The result is that judges now make law by issuing rulings that reflect their personal positions on matters that are supposed to be adjudicated impartially. Meanwhile, Congress refuses to rein in radical and activist judges, even though it has the power to do so.

The Executive Branch of government has made war on the entire world (except Israel). The Bush regime continues to flaunt its disregard for the Rule of Law by ignoring both its own constitutional requirements and limitations concerning hostilities with other countries, and the fundamentals of international law by which all countries have agreed to abide. Prisoners are held indefinitely without being charged, in direct opposition to the United States Constitution, American judicial rulings, the Geneva Convention, and Vattel?s Law of Nations (general international law).

Supreme Court justices have gone on record as indicating that their rulings will take into account international laws and policies, instead of looking only to the Constitution they swore an oath to protect and defend, thereby abandoning the principles on which America was founded.

The education system is teaching our youth to grow up to be little snitches; school districts offer money to students who turn in their parents. Our children are being trained to obey the government instead of their parents and family.

Our banking system has undermined property ownership for all Americans, through the fraudulent application of debt-based, unconstitutional fiat currency, to the benefit of private bankers for their own enjoyment.

And what do we do about all of this? Nothing. While hundreds of thousands of people in Ukraine, Kyrgystan, and other communist or socialist states risk their very lives by taking time off work, school, whatever they are doing, in order to participate in protests; physically forcing corrupt officials out of the highest offices, docile Americans continue to go to work, school, etc., never upsetting their nice, tidy lifestyles. All Americans should be ashamed that communist countries? people are setting the examples for us and the world on how to stand up against tyranny, corruption and oppression!

I find it personally disgusting that so many parents have abandoned their children to the State, because they do not want to take on the responsibility of raising them. Or how the American people have abandoned the sacred principles of limited government and individual rights in favor of being taken care of by the government.

Well, you get what you deserve! As you learn of the latest atrocities being perpetrated on your countrymen RIGHT NOW, ask yourself, ?What am I doing to stop this theft, carnage and destruction of my country?? If you can?t come up with a good answer, be ashamed? then make a commitment to do something to fix it.

If you are unwilling to restructure your priorities by making your country more important than your own self-interest, then you have condemned yourself to a life of servitude and you deserve all the taxes, regulations, and judicial activism that you get. Further, when – not if – your property is taken by the government and you are put in jail, don?t come running to me for help! You won?t get it.

I shall continue to devote myself to helping people who are willing to place their country over their own personal greed and self-interest; the rest of you are on your own.

There is no more time to wait, study, or consider. The war is upon us. We will either fight or we will die in spirit. If you live a life of servitude to government, it is a direct affront to your Creator and will get you a reserved place in hell.

Please? take these sentiments to heart. Time is so short. We need your commitment to the cause of liberty right now. We need you to pledge your lives, your fortunes and your sacred honor on the altar of individual rights, self-determination, general equality, and private property ownership at all costs.

Patrick Henry?s famous declaration needs to be taken up by each of you and echoed throughout and across our once great and free country.

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!

?2005 Brent Johnson

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