Women and Guns

There are those who believe that the fight for liberty is exclusively a man?s fight. That is not true. Lee Parker is dedicated to truth and freedom, a patriotic woman who has given the last dozen years of her life to efforts to expose lies and reveal truths concerning the unalienable rights to life, liberty and property that are expressly recognized by the Declaration of Independence, and are inherent in all people around the world. Lee lends her perspective to the struggle for truth and liberty in a manner both conversational and pointed, in easy-to-understand language designed to make the listener seriously think about the issues raised. (This excerpt was originally posted at the The Voice of Freedom podcasting site and more of Lee’s writing can be found at the Voice of Freedom.)

By Lee Parker

I grew up in a family where guns were common. My father had several rifles he used for hunting. There never was a concern about us children firing or causing harm with his guns. Dad was careful and we all respected the potential dangers of his firearms.

As a woman and mother, I like the thought of having weapons in the house for defense. When I was raising my son, I kept a weapon hidden in case someone broke in and tried to harm him.

Every house in America should have at least one firearm. It is the responsibility of parents to protect their children and home from all intruders whether they are private or government criminals. It is not the responsibility of the police, sheriff or 911 to protect you and yours. The courts have officially determined that the police are not required to respond to an individual call for help. They are only responsible for the safety of the “public at large,” but have no specific duty to protect you or your family.

Several years ago, a central California family experienced the devastating and tragic results of complying with State regulations requiring them to secure all firearms while the parents were away from home. John and Tefani Carpenter went out one evening; during their absence, a wacko broke into their home and killed two of their five children. It seems that the perpetrator was a fan of slasher-horror film director John Carpenter; this was determined by the gruesome nature of the murders he committed.

After cutting the phone lines, this maniac broke into the Carpenter home wielding a pitchfork. The oldest daughter, who was trained in the proper use of firearms, ran for the gun rack; the other children were at his mercy.

She found the guns locked up as required by California law. Even though this 14 year old was an expert marksman, she was unable to protect her siblings because she did not have the key. Meanwhile, the perpetrator began stabbing the children with his pitch-fork, while the oldest daughter ran to a neighbor’s house for help.

The girl pleaded with the neighbor to get his gun and come help her sisters and brother, but he refused, instead calling the local sheriff. By the time the sheriff arrived two of the children were dead, including the Carpenters’ only son. The nine-year old girl had held tightly onto the leg of the killer so that her sister could safely get away. As a result, she was stabbed 128 times before she died. This brave girl saved her sister’s life. In the end, the sheriff’s men killed the maniac with their guns, but much too late for the dead children.

The oldest daughter COULD HAVE SAVED HER SIBLINGS, but the Carpenters wanted to be good law-abiding citizens and follow California law. That same law will not bring the dead children back to life. The neighbor cannot bring those children back. The sheriff cannot bring those children back.

Was obeying the law worth it?

John Carpenter has said that he will openly disregard California gun laws in order to keep his family safe. It’s a shame that it took the death of his two children for him to realize that he and his wife – not the State – are responsible for the safety of their family.

Examples of how guns have saved others are regularly buried on the back pages of newspapers and are seldom, if ever, reported in the mainstream media. Statistics consistently show that when a community is well-armed there is a drastic reduction in crime. Yet, Americans are told that guns are bad, that only police should be allowed to have them.

Remember that the police are not required to protect you. So, if there is no mandate to protect you and only criminals have guns, then what are you supposed to do? Are you to allow your spouse and children to be raped, beaten and killed because you cannot defend them?
Private gun ownership is a right of all individuals. The ability to protect your life is a God-given right. To surrender this right to those who have no mandate to protect you is the height of stupidity. To fear guns because of propaganda and mind control to which you have been subjected is supreme folly. To give over responsibility for your safety to a stranger with a badge is lunacy.

Only a non-thinking subject would expect someone else to protect him. Yet every day we see and hear about the so-called danger of guns. Mass hysteria over gun ownership shows how mindless our population has become. Guns do not kill people. Criminals with guns kill people. People kill people.

Guns are to be used for self defense and the defense of your family. Women should teach their children about the proper care and use of firearms and ensure that they know about their basic right to own weapons. Stand tall and fight against the mind control that says guns and those who own them are somehow bad. Insist that your husband teach you and your children how to protect yourselves, should the need ever arise. That is the role of husband and father.
Why do we demonize those who own guns and glorify those who take them away? Has America lost its mind?

When you hear stories about the ills of gun ownership, think of John and Tefani Carpenter. Think about how they explain the death of their two children to those who survived. Think about how they feel each and every day, knowing that by being “good citizens” they contributed to the death of their own flesh and blood. Think about these things.

Then realize that you are being manipulated by the controlled media into becoming dependent on government officials who have no interest in your safety. Their only interests are in following orders and cashing their paychecks. They are NOT interested in you.

The Second Amendment exists to preserve forever your right to defend your life and the lives of your family… from anyone. Never give up that right.

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